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The Best Premium WoW Guides...
World of Warcraft Guide Pages

WoW Guides Reviewed
This section of the site covers paid WoW guides and ranks what I consider to be the top 5 paid World of Warcraft Guides on the 'net. Check this out before buying any guide to make sure you won't waste your money!

Gold WoW Guides
This section contains all the gold guides that we have available. The guides here range from item farming locations, getting enough gold for your epic mount, all the way to how to effectively use the Auction House using Limited Supply items.

World of Warcraft Power Leveling Guides
Wanting to get your character to level 80 quickly? This section includes a lot of different WoW guides to help you achieve level 80.

Profession WoW Guides
Leveling professions from 1-450 can be time consuming and a drag. This section will turn profession leveling into a fun thing to do and has guides available in many professions that will get you from 1-450. Many new profession guides are being added for WotLK.

World of Warcraft Instance Guides
Some instances can be a pain to get through, especially if you have never done them before. We have a few WoW guides available to help teach you about different instances in the game.

Battleground and PvP WoW Guide
Want to get ahead in WoW PvP and start winning some battlegrounds? This section includes strategies that will help your PvP skills and battleground knowledge.

World of Warcraft Druid Guide
This section will help teach you more about the Druid class. We will have different talent builds, powerleveling guide, and other druid WoW guides. Keep your eye on this section.

World of Warcraft Hunter Guide
This section will help you learn the ins and outs of the hunter class. We will have different talent builds, powerleveling guides, as well as tons of different guides pertaining to a hunter's pet.

World of Warcraft Mage Guides
Mages can be a fun class to play if you know what you are doing. This section will include guides on the different talent builds, how to get the most from a frost mage, and tons of other great mage guides.

World of Warcraft Shaman Guide
Shamans can be either a melee dps class, caster dps class, or even a healing class. We will have different guides available for all of them as well as the usual class guides.

World of Warcraft Warlock Guide
Some people believe Warlocks are way too overpowered and some people just don't get how to play them. We will show you how to get the most out of your 'lock and your pet so you will seem to be way too overpowered.

World of Warcraft Warrior Guide
Warriors can be a really fun class to play in PvE and PvP, doesn't matter if you are Protection, Arms, or Fury. This section will have all the warrior guides you will ever need. Keep an eye on this section for more.

Other WoW Guides
This section includes all the special event guides that happen throughout the year as well as other guides that just don't seem to fit well in the other sections. You can also find some guides on Addons here.

World of Warcraft Reputation Guides
Grinding for rep can be boring but almost necessary if you really want to advance in the game. Currently have added many new WotLK rep guides to this section. Stay tuned for more updates.


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