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WoW Warlock PVP Guide

This World of Warcraft guide was another one that I found useful for a warlock that wants to master the art of PVP in World of Warcraft. It isn't an end-all guide as you can feel free to add your own "touch" to it to make it better for you. Of course this guide isn't just another World of Warcraft gold guide, powerleveling guide, or even grinding guide. This is the first of probably a lot more World of Warcraft PvP guides that are to come to the site.

World of Warcraft Warlock Build - 30 Affliction / 5 Demonology / 10 Destruction

Rules of thumb
1-Always keep Detect Invisiblity buff on. Might not be powerful but its powerful enough it to see cloaked rogues about 10yards away in the front.

2-Always start off a battle with, Curse of Agony and Corruption. If you have talent points like I have distributed, both spells are instants.

3-Pets. I normally keep my Succubus out in contested areas, or sometimes my Voidwalker. Keep the Succubus cloaked all the time, most players unless they have some kind cloak detection, their cloak will help you get the drop. Seduction, use it only when either Silenced or Stunned, I know the curse damage will kill the seduction effect, but that few seconds can save you up to 4-600 hp. Voidwalker Shield, great to use to cast longer spells or to use drain life or to get fear out.

4-You should have enough health or ways of getting health to make you go toe to toe with same level players(and possibly 1 or 2 lvls higher). Stamina and Intellect are your goals in armor. I still have lvl 43gloves and bracers, only cause I cant find good enough ones to replace them with, +13 Stamina +8 Intellect gloves, +14 stamina +8Intellect bracers. Sure armor would be nice but Ill sacrifice a little armor for health and mana.

5-Soulstones. Always keep one on you. If you die, rez right away and get some distance. Hopefully when you died, the other player will have little health and/or mana. Giving you an edge, cause you'll rez with more health and mana in most cases. Waiting around for them to leave is not a good idea. Since everyone knows you can rez, they just heal up and get you when you do.

6- Healing. Healthstones area a must! Potions are a must! this gives you 2 quick ways to heal without wasting mana. Healthstone first at the first 800 points lost. Save your potion when your at half health. If I have the upper hand in health, I would use Death Coil then tap that for extra mana. Or as a quick finisher.

7- Lifetap. Im really not a big fan of using this in the middle of a PvP battle, so I keep a stack mana potions just incase. Use this if you know your going to win and you need the little extra mana to finish him off. Jduge how the battle is going, mana potion vs health potion use your best judgement

8-Curses that reduce resistance. A no no in PvP. You sacrifice your biggest DoT spell. Curse of Agony...

9-As a Warlock, keep a few resistance potions with you. I normally enter a fight with an all resistance potion already buff'd on me and have either a nature or shadow resistance potion handy. If your going to use use a resistance potion use it now at the beginning of a battle rather than later and lose the opportunity to use a needed health potion.

10. Fear and Howl of Terror. Use wisely, since the 1.4 patch the overall effect in casting multiple times becomes less and less to a point where there immune. So try and make your spell casting count.


There probably the most dangerous you will face. Fear will always be your greatest weapon. Dont stand around to long. Their DPS is higher than yours so you wont last long. Fear when you need a break or to cast long spells, there all attack so if you keep them away from you you'll do fine.

If you get Charged(stunned) at the beginning of battle, Use Seduction on them right away, you'll recover fast than he will and give you the opportunity to cast your spells to equal out any damage taken. Fear and Suduction will keep you alive. They dont have the greatest DPS but when they hit you'll feel it. Again if you get feared or stunned, use seduction to counter and keep the damage to you minimal.

Like all melee attackers, Fear and Sudection will keep you alive. If you can keep them feared when your stunned you'll win 95% of the time. About halfway through the battle cast curse of tongues. This will slow down the casting time to their healing spell giving you that few extra seconds to cast a longer more powerful spell like Soulfire or a few shadow bolts.

To me probably one of your hardest fight. If you come across an 'Elemental Shaman' your in for a fight. Earth shock will interupt spell casting, so its important to get out your instant spells quick. Keep moving, if you see a totem back off. Fear then Soulfire to do a huge amount of damage. When the shaman comes off his fear, seduction him and blast him with shadowbolts. Try and stay away from firespells if you see totems.

Ignore the pet, and get in pretty close. Their DPS isnt as high as the others so youll last a little longer here. Get in close and cast howl of terror. Then start spamming the spells. Get your soulfire out about mid fight to drop his health down to nothing. This in an overall sense an easy fight if you keep him moving and the pet off of you.

Druids fall pretty easy if you keep your distance, just out of melee range. There health isnt as high as the other melee fighters, but their DPS is high enough if your not carefull youll die quick. Just attack them like a melee attacker and theyll fall. If they go into their humanoid form cast curse of tongues and continue casting bolts and searing pain.

This will be your toughest battle. Cast your spells and try and keep your health up. If you get counterspelled. Seduction or sacrifice your voidwalker to give you time till the effect wears off. Keep them feared as much as possible. Curse of tongues should be used when your Agony spell is about to wear off. This will help lessen the damage to you. Since most mages are arcane, they'll eat through mana quickly so if you do die rez asap and continue the fight. Most mages after a tough pvp fight need at least 30seconds to restore half of there mana which is more than enough to kill you again. Dont give them that chance. Keep your distance! Arcane Explosion is a killer and they can cast 2-3 before you can get out of range.

Most priests ive come across are shadow priests, and are pushovers to me cause I have a ton of shadow protection/resistance. If you dont. Cast curse of tongues and keep it on him, use your other non curse spells to kill him, most priests have relativley low HP, so use that to your advantage. If he starts to mana drain you, do it back to him! This will keep the mana points equal and will make it come down to who has the most health and who can cause the most DoT, which is you. Just keep your mana up!

Like fighting your twin. What ever you do he can do you back. You just have to have more hp and maximize your spell casting. This will be a back and forth battle. I rarely come across antoher warlock who wants to fight, cause he knows the battle is equal, and if your a warlock you should have high resistance to shadow, which is the bulk of most of your best DoT spells. So in good faith, most warlocks i come across we just pass each other. If you do get in a battle, start out the battle and keep your shadow ward spell up at all times. Fire spells will do the most damage in this fight, Curse of tongues is a helper but I would rather use Curse of agony over tongues in this fight.

Mind you, in most battles you should be able to hit Shadow Trance at least 2-3 times so spam out bolts when you see your trance state.

Questing and Soloing
In questing, as always your Voidwalker will be your biggest assest.

Casting order...
Curse of Agony
Siphon Life
Shadowbolt. This will normally cause the monster to aggro to you.
Searing pain and continue to cast shadow bolts.
About 5% health left drainsoul.
(If your low on health or mana, cast a drain mana/life spell in there)

Im most cases if I know no horde is near me, Ill take on 2 at a time. cast your first 3 spells on both creatures and have your VoidWalker grab the aggro from first creature, once the first creature is attacking the VW, have the VW attack the second to grab its aggro. Now pull back and finish off the first one.

I can take on monsters about 2-3 levels above me, but I timing is everything. Cast the first 2, then wait about 15 seconds to cast immolate and your shadow bolts. By 15 seconds they shold have about 70-80% health. giving you a good advantage. If the creature continues to resist and your losing health, sacrifice your voidwalker to give you time to finish the job.

If your fighting creatures about 3-4 levels below you, you can grab 3-4 at a time just make sure to cast siphon life on all of them.

You can use the succubus, but if you do... keep your distance to the edge of your casting range. and continue from there.

The imp. A useful pet in parties to help give everyone extra health and minor help in attacking. I keep him on passive and have him just follow. I rarely use the imp when soloing. A lot of Warlocks I see have him out, but I think its only cause they need the extra stamina.

Felhunter. again another ok pet in parties. Soloing hes a good alternative for the Succubus in DPS, hes the second best pet for DPS, next to the Succubus. Spell Lock is a great spell when going up against creatures who use magic. In PvP, its an ok spell but only lasts a few seconds and most players will just use spell school.

Voidwalker. (aka VW) The tanks of tanks. Add a scroll of defense and his defense is comparable to plate armor. A beast in taking damage but dont rely on him to deal damage.

Succubus. DPS queen of pets. Lash of Pain is nice when she gets to attack from behind, Ive seen her do damage close to 300 crit (lvl50), with the lash of pain. So she can definitely help in killing. Suduction is a helper if you get overrun by humaniods and if you get surpirsed attack by another player.

Infernal. This is an ok pet to use. Its decent in strength does about 140-180 melee damage and about 50-70 fire radius damage (lvl 50). Keep a good stock of soul shards, cause you'll have to keep inslaving it to keep it. The summon has an hour cooldown so use wisely.

Helpful Professions

Alchemy / Herblism
For the variety of potions available there something you can always use. Agility potions to help dodge rate. Shadow firepower potions. Magic resistence. Plus since you dont have to pay for a mount money should never be an issue. Plus the lower-mid level herbs and potions you can make a killing in gold. The higher end potions and herbs are over priced most of the times so if you set your price lower, you can run the market. And take money early.

I think ive found a great way to utilize this profession. Sooner or later your going to be in contested zones all the time, Ive found a good use for nets while in those zones. If your pvp hunting, nets are good way to keep most players stuck, giving you the opportunity to start casting spells. Or if you get attacked while grinding/farming, a net cangive you that 10 sec time to get away or heal up to fight. Under used item is the Goblin Mind control cap. Nothing better than to mind control your enemy and have him start attacking his buddy or some monster near by. While out in Un'Goro, me and my mage buddy were questing, and a horde rogue and warrior decide they could take us. So my mage friend mind controls the warroir and sicks him on the Devilsaur in the distance, whoops hes dead now! leaving the rogue to take on the both of us. Theres a few other cool trinkets that you might find useful in certain situations thumb through the list, be creative!

First Aid
Wow, I can say that this is a life saver, to quickly regen health in a hurry. I wouldnt recommend selling bandages at the AH. You can make better money at a vendor. A strategy I use to keep down time to a minimum, is to life tap as much as I can, usually that fills up my mana all the way, then Healing myself using a bandage(2000hp heavy runecloth) and im good to go for another battle or 2. But this skill helps in a group, making you a bit more useful other than DoT spells and grabbing aggro.

Another good skill to pick up. Some of the better meats give bonuses like +12 to spirit for 20 minutes. Stuff like that helps in the long run.

Most of the other skills/professions if you do pick them up, it should be just for money. I havent been able to find a good use for them.

Be sure to bookmark this page and check out the other guides to make HUGE amounts of gold in this game.


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