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WoW Arena Guide - Form An Effective Arena Team

The Burning Crusade brought on yet another fun and challenging area for PvP'ers in the World of Warcraft – the Arena. This complete PvP environment allow you and up to 4 other players to band together to defeat a team from the opposite faction. And, for those who are already avid PvP'ers, this is a dream come true. For those who aren't, it's their chance to learn what it takes to become a great PvPer.

Those who are new to the PvP world need to get a bit of practice in under their belt before they head into the arena.

The best way to do this is to PvP in game. So, head out into your realm, flag your character, and have fun with PvP on other players in your realm.

This will help you gain experience fighting and help you learn the right tactics for your specific toon. While you may get creamed your first time or two, you'll swiftly learn what it takes to become good at PvP.

Once you have a bit of experience under your belt, you can start to select your team members. Arena teams are formed in twos, threes, fours, or fives, and while most people assume that 5x5 is the way to go, you need to remember that there will be 5 opposing faction members there as well. There are some classes that are better suited for the arena than others and you need to consider this as well when you are going into a battle.

For example, a priest isn't well suited for the arena since they have a small amount of hit points and the other players will attack them first – knock out the healer, knock out the group. So, for a healer, a shaman is better suited for combat and healing situations to help the entire team out.

Warriors and Paladins are always great choices because they can jump in and tank to help take out some of the other stronger players in the arena. Both of these characters carry a phenomenal amount of damage and hit points, and you should have at least one or two on your 5x5 arena team.

Hunters and Warlocks are two other classes that are great for the arena. Both have pets that can also be used to help attack and kill other players, and the warlock has many great affliction and curse spells that can help to slow and subdue the other side. The hunter will have better hit points than a warlock, but with the buffs and potions that are available to any player, a warlock can bulk up before hand.

Rogues are a great addition, as they have stealth abilities and can easily strike first without being detected. You must be careful though, other warlocks can sense invisibility, and your rogue can be caught in a compromising situation if you aren't careful.

Mages are another casting class that can do a great amount of damage over time to an opposing player. They also have the great ability to freeze and sheep other players, which can help to immobilize them so they cannot attack the group.

When you select your arena team members, you should know if they are skilled at PvP or not. If not, then they don't have the skills needed to be a great PvPer for your arena team. A great way to see how the team will fight together is to group up and flag yourselves. Then, head into an instance or opposing faction area and see how you do. The more practice you have with each other, the better you will become. This way, you will also be able to define which roles everyone plays – caster, tank, healer, and so on.

When you think that you are ready, have all your equipment repaired and have the best possible equipment that you can. You should also have all buffs on and ready before you step into the arena, as you won't have time once the fighting starts. Basically, before you head into the arena with a team, you simply need to make sure that you select smart when you are putting your team together. By selecting smart, you will come out victorious in your arena adventures.

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