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Zygor Leveling Guide Review

In the pursuit of a great easy-to-use leveling guide there has been many disappointments. There has been tons of new developments in the leveling guide area to really help tons of people level faster and it is time for a review of one of the most popular in-game guides. Yes, this review is about the Zygor leveling guide.

The very first thing we need to cover is concerning the WoW legality of this guide. Blizzard has stated that addon developers may not sell their addons. All of the other in-game guides out there don't seem to care about this part and most of them actually go against it, except for Zygor.

Zygor guides has a unique method of distribution that works within the guidelines set forth by Blizzard. Don't get your account banned by using the other wannabe in-game addons out there that are in violation of directly selling addons. Zygor's guide is the only 100% legit WoW guide out there that utilizies an in-game guide.


The initial install process was extremely easy and took no time at all. This is great news for a lot of people that seem to have a lot problems with installing their addons. Zygor's guide comes with a nice self-installer package that can let even the most novice computer user quickly and easily install the in-game addons.

It took me about 4 seconds to install and after the installation it can even boot up WoW for you if you want. It really is super easy and takes out all the headaches of copying/pasting folders.

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Look and Feel:

On the first loading up of WoW since automatically installing the leveling guide I was extremely impressed. For one, there were zero addon errors which is something that has plagued the other in-game leveling addons.

Zygor's WoW guide also didn't bog down the game. It sits on the screen nice and quietly and just by looking at it you can easily see that Zygor is obsessed with having an extremely high quality product. My favorite part about the guide is how it doesn't interfere with you playing the game.

For each step in the guide you just follow the waypoint arrow and do what the guide says to do. It automatically tracks your progress so you don't have to check off a step once it is completed. The Zygor guide does exactly what it needs to do with minimal input required by you. Just follow the steps outlined and you are good to go!

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Quest Paths:

I've been using Zygor leveling guide for a while now and really do enjoy the questing paths available. There isn't any grinding needed which is fantastic if you don't like grinding at all. The in-game addon also lets you know with a quick glance what quests you need to pick up and which quests you are missing.

You won't find every quest in the game in this guide since there really are a ton of quests in the game that are not needed at all. This is what really sets it apart from the other guides out there such as QuestHelper. QuestHelper doesn't filter out the junk to give you the absolute fastest path possible to get you from 1-80.

Zygor guide has a team of players who have worked very hard to find the best paths for you and after using the guide for a while now I can really say these are the best paths I have ever seen.

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In-game Talent Build Guides:

What a fantastic bonus! Not only do you have the fastest way to level 80 at your fingertips but you also have the answer to the question: What talent build should I use? This part of the guide package is easy to understand and use just like the rest.

It will tell you right there in the game where to put your talent points for the best leveling talent build and also shows PvP builds too. This took me completely by surprise as it was something I didn't really expect and was truly an awesome bonus piece to help level.

Overall, the Zygor WoW guide is easily by far the best WoW leveling guide out on the market. I am extremely happy to stand behind Zygor guides because of the high quality, top notch guide and the absolute best customer service I have ever seen for any WoW guide! If you are on the fence about trying out Zygor's guide I recommend you go get it today. You can thank me later.

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